Our products

Our products


Aluminium profiles

Spaintec is a Roller international registered trademark for its own aluminium system, which covers a broad range of profiles and accessories required to meet the current needs of industry.

Linear movement

We sell products under the RLM brand that provide technological solutions in the field of linear movement.

Economical bearings

At Roller we have a wide range of economical bearings, produced at standard quality, thereby enabling us to provide them at a competitive price.

Premium bearings

We stock all manner of bearings, both in chrome steel and stainless steel.

Bearing units

We carry an extensive stock of bearing units.


Split units

We represent SRB as an alternative supplier of split bearing assemblies, housings and supports.

Economical balls

Roller sells balls made of different materials depending on the intended application.


Premium balls

We have a wide range of premium high quality balls in different sizes and materials.


Roller has its own brand, Causer, for selling a large range of chains, under the stringent quality criteria of standard ISO 9001.



A good quality and well-designed belt will have a long useful life with minimum maintenance, and therefore investing in high quality belts reduces costs in the long term.



Roller can provide cylindrical and conical gears in a range of sizes and qualities.


Sprockets and platewheels

Roller has a wide range of sprockets and single, double and triple wheels, with 8 to 125 teeth.


Antifriction material

We sell a wide range of high performance composite antifriction materials for thermal and wear problems.

Ballscrews and precision nuts

Roller is an official TBI distributor, a brand specialising in the production of ballscrews and precision nuts.