Custom sales management

A team of professionals at your disposal, with no intermediaries.

  • We have an extensive sales network, both national and international, so we can be closer to our customers.
  • Telephone support in Spanish, French and English.
  • Online stock queries and quotations 365 days a year.

Quality across our entire range of products and processes

Our stringent quality standards ensure impeccable service.

  • We control the quality of our products through our technical offices in Europe and China, in addition to our quality control and R&D&I departments.
  • We subject the brands we represent to rigorous approval processes, to ensure the quality that our customers demand.
  • Our R&D&I department anticipates changes in the market and changes in our customer’s needs.

Constant monitoring of each process

From design to delivery, we supervise every detail.

  • All of our products undergo stringent testing to verify their quality before being sold.
  • We provide the technical data for each product and, if the customer so re-quires, can also issue an accreditation certificate.
  • We continually assess and update the production processes for our brands, to ensure their quality and competitiveness.

An organisation you can trust

All of our resources are dedicated to quality and continuous improvement.

  • We review and verify all of our processes annually according to ISO 9001.
  • Over 65 years’ experience in the sector confirms that we are a quality supplier you can depend on.
  • Our team of professionals is qualified to respond to our customers’ individual needs.

Adaptation to customer requirements

Custom products and procedures, to respond to market needs:

  • We produce the right product for each customer and invest everything we know, during both design and production.
  • We can provide our customers with a wide range of packaging and delivery alternatives.
  • Our different brands adapt to different qualities, to suit individual requirements.