About  us

Roller Industrial

We are a company with over 60 years' experience, specialising in the design, production and distribution of all manner of industrial products and custom-made solutions.

Through our own brands and third party brands of recognised standing, for whom we are official distributors, we provide power transmission elements, custom manufacturing, industrial automations, custom machine tool production, special parts and a long etcetera.

Our organisation provides solutions prepared to compete on the international market and adapts to changing market trends.

Why you can rely on Roller

  • Present in the industrial design and manufacturing sector since 1948. We have 60 years’ experience behind us.
  • We have our customers’ approval. 95% rate our service as being “good” or “very good”.
  • We are a growing company. Our billings have increased by 29% in the last 5 years.
  • Extensive stock. We have over 4,000 references to cater to our customers’ every needs.
  • We are international: present in 40 countries as a supplier.
  • We resolve incidents rapidly and without intermediaries.
  • Order logistics tracking.

What makes Roller the sector leader

  • High value added: we control the quality of our brands through our technical offices in Europe and China. In addition, we have our own R&D&I and quality control departments.
  • Adaptation: the constant renewal of our technologies and processes, and the continuous training of our professionals enable use to adapt our products and services to changes in the market.
  • Custom service: we generate strong relationships with our customers through personal service and commercial support, both on-site and via telephone/online.
  • Applications in numerous sectors: roller production, mobile shelving, rail, bridge cranes, door automation and textile machinery manufacturers, food, packaging, elevation, polishing, cutting, etc.

Our team

Ignacio Mayoral

Alberto Perea

Purchasing Manager

J. Ander Rodriguez

R&D&I Manager

Leire Lozares

Technical Office Manager

Minsheng Zeng

Manager for Purchasing – China


  • Head office, central warehouse and customer support in Bilbao
  • Sales offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, La Habana and Shanghai
  • Production workshop in Valencia
  • Warehouse, packaging and quality control in Shanghai