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Causer is our brand for manufacturing sprockets, platewheels, roller chains and belts according to the most stringent international quality standards.

Causer manufactures sprockets, platewheels and roller chains, according to European standard DIN 8187 ISO/R 606 and American standard 8188 ISO/R 606-ANSI B29.1, enabling our customers to compete in any international market. Standardised sprockets and platewheels are manufactured in steel F-114 (C45) and stainless steel (AISI 304).

In addition, through our Causer brand, we produce narrow section SP trapezoidal belts, according to standards DIN 7753 and AFNOR T47-117. This type of belt is manufactured in sections SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC.

Similarly, Causer manufactures high capacity narrow-section trapezoidal belts, adapted to US standard RMA-MPTYA and British standard BS 3790 (types 3V, 5V and 8V).

Lastly, we also produce gears under the Causer brand according to standards UNI 7847 and UNI 6588, in steel material C45.


Featured products from our Causer brand


10B/1 CSR

08B/1 CSR

16B/1 CSR

16B/2 CSR

12B/1 CSR

08B/2 CSR

06B/1 CSR

12B/2 CSR

10B/2 CSR

Sprockets and platewheels

Z 19 1 1/4″ (20B/2) DISCO CSR

Z 30 3/4″ (12B/1) D CSR

Z13 1/2″(08B1)P CSR

Z25 3/4″(12B1)P CSR

Z19 1″(16B1)P CSR

Z 24 1″ (16B/2) DISCO CSR

Z31 1/2″(08B1)P CSR

Z15 1/2″(08B1)P CSR

Z45 1/2″(08B1)P CSR