Custom made products

Custom made products


The advantages of choosing Roller for the custom manufacturing of your parts mainly reside in the peace of mind of having a supplier who is present throughout the entire process, from initial conception to delivery. Our custom manufacturing services are as follows:

  1. Technical advice.
  2. Digital design.
  3. Prototyping.
  4. Mass production.
  5. Final delivery.

Roller can produce any particular development of any of its products, according to customer specifications.

Through our technical office in Spain and approvals office in China, and in collaboration with factory engineers, we can design any application you need.

We can custom manufacture four large product families:

  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Semi-precision bearings
  • Stamping

Roller can take care of the entire part production process, from design through manufacturing, to delivery – shoulder to shoulder with the customer.

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